Monday, March 9, 2009

Your Child's Development and Dance....

Children naturally communicate through movement.  They express their fears, excitement, and all other emotions with movement.  LPCW classes for young children focuses on the following:

*  developing creativity
*  expressing emotion
*  building social skills
*  encouraging independence
*  building their self-confidence
*  stimulating mental processes
*  enhancing their physical development
*  expanding their rhythmic and body awareness

These young years are so important---and the very time to encourage these traits.  These are building blocks for the rest of their life, that will be used and needed in every arena.   So many studies have proven the benefit of dance and a child's development:  mental, physical, and emotional.  Children who have participated in dance/music/theatre from a young age score better on SAT's, have better attention spans, are creative problem-solvers, and are more well-balanced and adjusted.   These are just a few of the benefits children reap from participating in the arts.  Parents that invest in their children with these classes are making the wisest investment around!

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