Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Comes Santa!

Santa will definitely be making his stop to the Philly Region! All our little ones have been very nice this month(like every month!). They have been making sure to show Rudolph where their house is with their magnificent tendus and enthusiastic holiday inspired jack in the boxes!

The children have been doing such a great job with counting to eight this month we learned four and four make eight! Including our counting into our count bounce song has made our little ones into excellent counters.

We've been going to the Toy Shop all month and having SO much fun sneaking around and playing with all the toys! It tough to chose which is everyone's favorite between the spinning dreidels and stiff robots.

The jingle bells have ringing for Santa and the children have been doing a merrily job pulling Santa's sleigh around the North Pole and getting it all ready for his big trip! This by far is my favorite exercise we do across the floor. Seeing all the little ones as reindeer, with their hooves under their chins and pointed prancing toes fills me with Christmas joy!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of Santa's little helpers in the Philly Region!

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