Monday, June 6, 2011

"I Feel Like I'm Flying When I Dance"

"Hey Miss Annie! I feel like I'm flying when I dance!"

These are the beautiful words that ended our school year curriculum a couple of weeks ago, and they've stayed with me since. They came from a student who continues to inspire me and who is able to make you feel instantly better just because she's there.

I feel like I'm flying when I dance ... how true this is! Through the arts we are able to escape our every day lives and go into a special magical place where anything is possible. Watching students during class you believe anything IS possible. You can see them flying like a kite, becoming a terrible dragon, and even leaping over an entire river. Dance helps us tap into our creative thinking and therefore become whatever and whomever we like. Watching the children's learning/thinking/moving process in an LPCW is magical, and the glorious words from one of our students prove that ... I feel like I'm flying when I dance.

Lets all learn to fly with our children. Summer classes start this week and it's not too late to join the experience!

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