Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Batty for the Fall!

Classes are underway in Northern Virginia and we are off to a great start! I always enjoy the beginning of a new session; getting to meet new friends and giving hugs to the returning students.

This a great time to start with the basics of dance- good placement, balance, and foot positions-and our dancers are doing a great job! Its so nice to see dancers on their carpet squares with perfect "straighto greato" backs and showing great body placement. I especially love when I am reminded to sit "straighto greato" by one of my students.

Even though we are working hard on establishing techniques, we are always enhancing our creative thinking. Our students love closing their eyes and using their bodies to paint beautiful pictures. Its great to see them really concentrate on painting to the music. They are also doing a great job, using their bodies to make shapes at "The Shape Shop". We are having fun with everything, but the most fun so far is the "Batty Bat Dance"; our dancers are having such a great time putting on their bat wings, flying like bats and of course doing bat hops! This is a great dance and a fun way to learn to count in threes. With dances like this, its no wonder we are going Batty for the fall!

We are looking forward to learning more dance moves and getting ready for the holidays!!

Happy Fall!
~Miss Jenn~

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