Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall from the Philly Region! Our classes are underway and it is so great to see all of our returning dancers and to meet all of our new dancers! There is nothing better than seeing returning students who are so excited to start class and who spread that enthusiasm to the new students joining us!

One of our favorite activities by far this month is our Hansel and Gretel story! Our little ones love "cleaning" our classroom and then going out and playing and dancing in the woods. We are noticing a lot of fun fall stuff in our journeys through the woods. One of our little boys noticed how all of the leaves were changing and falling all over the forest. He also told us to be very careful while we were dancing so we didn't slip on any of the leaves and fall down! We also are learning to be very, very sneaky and quiet as we tip-toe up to the candy house and munch on some of our favorite candies!

We are also finding out this month how important it is to warm up our muscles before we begin dancing. Our little ones are learning how to sit up "straighto greato" and follow along as we stretch out our muscles and warm up before we start dancing. We love riding our bicycles in the air and walking the tightrope with tiptoes!

Our students are all looking forward to Halloween and trick-or-treating at the end of the month. They have been "painting" pictures with their imaginations of their costumes and fun Halloween things like candy and carving pumpkins. We have also done our good-bye dance at the end of class with everyone dancing like their costumes have come to life! What a fun mix of princesses, fairies, super heroes, and animals! Our dancers really know how to use their imaginations and make creative dances to go along with whatever our theme is for the month!!

Happy Fall Everyone!!
-Ashley O'Neill

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