Monday, February 28, 2011

Marching into Spring

It's getting closer and closer to spring and up here in Central New York the snow is beginning to melt (hope I didn't jinx it!) but our love for the arts is growing and growing! It has been so wonderful to watch the students growth through the arts. This month while posting pictures for parents who have students in class I decided to take a look back at pictures from their first class in September ... My goodness! What growth and development! In the beginning "parallel first" was a new concept that took quite a bit of effort to execute correctly. Now, when we stand up on our carpets the student's feet magically know where to be! Terms like "Tendu" and "Echappe" are now part of the children's vocabulary. These classical ballet terms may not be a part of our children's every day use, but soon as they step into class they know exactly what it is, how do do it, and how to pronounce it! Their ability to grow and learn is just amazing and usually it passes us right by. How wonderful it was to go back, critically look at, and appreciate just how much our children learn, and want to learn each day. I'm so thankful for the role that the arts play in this magical development!

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