Thursday, February 3, 2011


Congratulations to Carolina Montessori, Charlotte Mecklenburg's current school of the month. We have really enjoyed adding them onto our list of schools this year. They have outstanding parent involvement and feedback, which makes our jobs with LPCW easier and fun! Ms. Norma, the director, also plays a key part in our success at Carolina Montessori. She always helps getting the dancers to and from class and helps us keep a great line of communication to the parents. LPCW prides itself on being self sufficient without having the get director's involved during their busy schedules, but Ms. Norma's help is greatly appreciated and valued.

As you can see above, the dancers were super excited about being school of the month. Their enthusiasm for LPCW is contagious! Congratulations Carolina Montessori, you earned it. Thanks so much for being a part of out theatre arts family!!

Quote from Carolina Montessori Student (when learning the names of our muscles):
Ms. Stephanie, good thing we are working on our muscles I begin my training next month to be a super hero!!

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