Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be Specific in Questioning Young Ones

As we have a bit of spring weather during February---always a teaser---it is a time that all of us, parents and children can get into a rut.  We are all ready for consistent spring weather and more playtime outside.  

Us this time to encourage your child in their endeavors.  Be sure to use the monthly newsletter to ask your child specifically about the things we are doing in class.  We compose our newsletters in a way that makes it easy for parents to have a conversation about dance class with young ones.  At this young age children are overwhelmed by such a huge question as:  "What did you do in dance class today?"  That question is just TOO BIG for them!  You will usually get an answer like:  "Nothing" to a big question like that.  Use the monthly newsletters to ask specific questions about what is going on in class---and only ask 1-2 specific questions every few days.  Asking too many questions at one time can be overwhelming to young ones as well.  Enjoy this great journey with your child----we are honored to be a part of it!

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