Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Dance Teachers and Directors.....

Here at LPCW we have always been blessed to have wonderful teachers and directors.  We began 18 years ago teaching dance in Eastern NC and for the past several years have been nationwide.  As our program continues to grow and expand we never marvel at the many wonderful instructors and directors that are a part of the Little People's Creative Workshop family.  Our Philadelphia area Regional Director shared these thoughts about how she feels about what she does:

"My love for dance started at a very early age.  I was excited every Saturday morning to get up, put on my leotard and get to go to dance class!  What made it such a wonderful experience for me was my amazing teachers.  As I grew older I used them as my role models and saw not only how much passion they had for dance, but for teaching as well.

I always thought I would end up teaching  high school or older students in a studio, but once I started working with LPCW I knew those thoughts were gone!  Ask anyone you know how they get greeted when they come to work.   I bet they won't say by twenty smiling and excited faces screaming your name, and these aren't even the children you teach!

Teaching 'little people' brings out the best in a teacher, not only because they make you smile and greet you with hugs so powerful that they almost knock you over; but because they are so eager to learn.  LPCW has an amazing curriculum that allows children to explore dance through themselves but yet in a very structured and fun atmosphere!

LPCW is so great for children because it allows them to go off into imaginary, secret places while learning how to move their bodies properly throughout space.  At this young age children absorb everything and what makes LPCW so great is that we are able to offer the classes while the children are in school---so they are able to relate things that they are learning to dance and to the arts which most children do not have the opportunity to do!"
                             ~  Liz Story, LPCW Philadelphia Regional Director

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