Thursday, February 19, 2009

Notes from One of Our Directors:

As a dancer and performer since the age of three, I cannot think of a better way for young children to explore movement, enhance creativity, and build self-confidence than through dance classes. I have taught many age groups and with many companies, but Little People’s Creative Workshop provides a completely rewarding experience. 

Dance and LPCW, is more than just another form of exercise for the children, it provides an exploration into the arts that all children should be exposed to.  Through LPCW, children are able to learn how to use their bodies as a form of expression and a possible outlet for creative thinking. Learning this at an early age can provide life long benefits for our students; such as better problem solving skills, more self confidence and of-course better coordination.

Personally, there are few things more rewarding than being able to see a child’s creative mind grow and see them move and explore on their own.  I enjoy seeing children approach the lessons in a completely different way than I expected them to and everyday is a surprise! I have grown as a dancer with LPCW because it caused me to look at movement from a child like perspective; giving me a new approach to dance.

I look forward to continue to share my love for dance with young children through Little People’s Creative Workshop.

       ~Jennifer Delfin, LPCW Northern Virginia Regional Director

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