Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parent Observation are under way!!

Parent Observations are under way at LPCW! Our students have really been looking forward to this all month and they are finally here! We hope everyone will be able to see what we have been working on since September. Also, we want to hear your feedback, so in your child's tution envelope will be a survey. Please fill it and return to the LPCW bag in your center.

So far, the informances have been a great success. Its always so interetsing to see how different children react to the new experience of performing in front of an audience. Some of our normally outgoing children become timid, quieter students seem to find their inner performer or some students don't seem to notice the audience at all-any and all of this reactions are completely normal.

So far, my favorite informance moment would have to be when one of my dancers decided not only to particpate in class, but to also show her brother in the audience how to dance also. So as I'm teaching I can hear her in her perfect "Miss Jenn voice" repeating all the instructions to her brother! It was so awesome. Who knows, we might have a new LPCW instructor in a few years!!

We hope you enjoy this weeks performances! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Happy Winter!

Jennifer Delfin, Northern Virginia