Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Madness!

Whoa! We've had a very interesting month in Northern Virginia and Richmond!

We are still recovering from missing almost two weeks of classes due to the blizzard, so this month we are doing both March dances and mixing in some February cirriculum too. Classes are getting to do Shamrock leaps, the Hand Jive and our new favorite "The Any Way You Feel Dance." This dance asks students to listen to different music selections and dance anyway the music make you feel, (happy, sad, angry, silly etc.) and our dancers really know how to express themselves!! My favorite is when the music sounds angry, and the dancers get to stomp around, cross thier arms and show their best angry face.

This month has been a little hectic with make-up classes, but we are enjoying extra classes and seeing our dancers more than once a week. Thank you for your patience as we make-up classes this month.

Spring is almost here!

~Jennifer Delfin, Northern Virginia~