Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Dance!

Summer is officially under way in the Philly area! Our New Jersey centers had their first classes this week and we are so happy to see so many new faces joining us!!

Our dancers LOVE our Winnie the Pooh theme. We have so much fun dancing with Pooh and his friends! We are learning how to dance with our whole bodies and the children are having a great time making happy and sad and bored faces to go with some of the Pooh character dances. It is so great seeing them become the different characters and making up unique dances for each one. Our favorite dance so far seems to be the Bouncy Tigger Dance!! More fun to come next week!

Young Actors Workshop!

For this blog I wanted to focus on the Young Actor's Workshop program. I spend so much time talking about our Little People's programs in Northern Virginia that I forget to mention how awesome the Young Actor's Workshop classes are in this region.

The Young Actor's Workshop offers theatre classes to students ages 6-12 that are taught by trained professionals in the acting and theatre. This summer we are offering a number of week long acting camps in local schools taught by Miss Christine; a Theatre major at Shenandoah University. This summer Miss Christine will take her onstage expertise and share it with our students while using our time-tested curriculum. We are so excited to have her on board and knows she has so much to offer your actor.

The Young Actor's program is steadily growing in Northern Virginia and we offer classes all around the region. Please contact us see if its being offered in your school!

Happy Summer!
Jenn Delfin, Northern Virginia

Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Go, New Jersey!

Our New Jersey centers started their LPCW summer classes today!!! We are ready to get the ball rolling and get summer officially started. Don't wait too long! Space is limited and classes fill up quickly! Please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions.

Summer has gotten off to a fantastic start in Lehigh Valley! It's so exciting to see so many familiar faces as well as a whole group of new ones! We are having such a great time learning how to stretch our muscles, explore movement, and find out just how creative we can be!

Happy summer, everyone!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

"I Feel Like I'm Flying When I Dance"

"Hey Miss Annie! I feel like I'm flying when I dance!"

These are the beautiful words that ended our school year curriculum a couple of weeks ago, and they've stayed with me since. They came from a student who continues to inspire me and who is able to make you feel instantly better just because she's there.

I feel like I'm flying when I dance ... how true this is! Through the arts we are able to escape our every day lives and go into a special magical place where anything is possible. Watching students during class you believe anything IS possible. You can see them flying like a kite, becoming a terrible dragon, and even leaping over an entire river. Dance helps us tap into our creative thinking and therefore become whatever and whomever we like. Watching the children's learning/thinking/moving process in an LPCW is magical, and the glorious words from one of our students prove that ... I feel like I'm flying when I dance.

Lets all learn to fly with our children. Summer classes start this week and it's not too late to join the experience!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A year in review

Wow! I can't hide my shock when I look at the calendar and see it already June!! The fall session flew by in Northern Virginia.

It was quite the eventful year; we welcomed a new baby to the LPCW family, lost almost 2 weeks of classes due to snow and closed the year with the wedding of one our instructors. Despite all of this we still managed to have a great session and all the parents and dancers have been so patient as we continue to grow.

It was so nice coming back and doing registrations the last couple of weeks, seeing all of you and hearing your well wishes. I can't wait to get back to teaching this summer and seeing how much we have learned.

Believe it or not, summer classes start next week and summer camps start at the end of June! Look for information at your child's school and don't forget to register.

Happy Spring!
~LPCW, Northern Virginia~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a Blast!

Summer is just around the corner! Yay!

We had soooooooo much fun during our "parent informances" this past week! It was so wonderful to see so many smiling faces. All of the children were so very excited to show their loved ones all of the exciting material they have been working so hard on. We had parents, grandparents, and siblings all there to watch our classes, and everyone did a fantastic job! It was such a privilege to watch all of the little stars perform.

Just a reminder, everyone! The fun may have just ended for our school year session, but the summer program is just around the corner! We have 10 weeks ahead of us full of nothing but fun, learning, and movement!

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!" ~Constanze