Monday, January 10, 2011

New Beginnings!

I love welcoming in the New Year. Yes it's sad to leave the memories of the past year, but sometimes it is nice to have a fresh start. Everyone has been so eager to get back to dance class over the past week. The excited "we missed you" hugs have been great. An awesome way to greet 2011! We have been hard at work getting ready for our Parent "Informance" at the end of January. We have been reviewing our favorite lessons and dance steps from previous months as well as adding on a few new things. It is nice to see what the classes have mastered so far, and see them work so hard to accomplish the new stuff. Sometimes learning new steps can be challenging. For example, we have added on PAS DE CHAT meaning "step of the cat". A student asked, "Are you sure cat's jump like this?" She was having a hard time getting the knee knee jump to work. In time, this step along with others will be conquered and then we will move onto the next stepping block to ensure that we are growing and learning. So as we are welcoming in the New Year, look back on what has been accomplished and feel proud, but be excited for what new things are on the horizon and the obstables we will have to conquer that make us stronger.

Happy New Year to you all!

LPCW student mentioned above pictured mastering 1-2-3- Balance.