Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring is here!!

Normally, we are not THIS excited for warm weather, but SPRING IS HERE!! No more snow, gloves, winter colds or long sleeves!! We are so excited for Spring in Northern Virginia and Richmond and it really shows in our classes!

We are having a blast with our April lesson plan, we are learning so many new dance moves and concepts. One of the things we are learning is "pantomime"- doing movement or actions with-out using our voices-which is kind of tricky for some dancers to do. They are doing a great job "turning off their voices" and using their body to show an action.

We are also doing puddle-jumps this month, which is fun to watch because we challenge the dancers to get over the puddle anyway they would like, it so surprising to see what our dancers come up with when they are asked to create their own movement. My favorite are the dancers who try to tumble or cartwheel over the puddle. How creative!!

We are looking forward to more spring weather and showing off our new moves next month at parent observation. (May 24-28th) We hope to see everyone there!

Happy Spring!

Jennifer Delfin, Northern Virginia